“I met Ana doing free weights,” Roger said. “This hard-body señorita was putting me to shame on squats, and I asked her how she got such a tight ass —”

“And then she decked you.”

“Nah, she loved it! She’s real proud of that butt — she should be. She took me to one of her classes, and I got hooked. She’s a Zumba instructor.”

Grant absorbed that information for a moment. “You do…Zumba?”

“It’s great! Much more fun than PT. You just get going…” He did a little two-step maneuver on the city street, dancing to an unknown Latin beat. “Cha cha cha. Heeuh? Ana does this a little better than me…”

Grant tried to hold it in. He really did. But his body quivered, his shoulders shook, and soon a whooping laugh erupted — which lasted quite a few seconds.

Roger abruptly stopped his dance. “You judge, Madsen. Not cool.”
― Jennifer Lane, On Best Behaviorv

“The dense fog manifests ever-living gravestones, the tunes of decadence, the hearts that were doomed to dance alone. Here lies untouched beauty, a brittle dream, an unseen sea-born nightmare, an isolated acheirous harf, fishbones without flesh, a face without letters, the hypnotic power o Apollonian destruction. Ashes kiss the grapefruit essential oil skin, the soul beats with eaten sons and daughters, soaking wet serpents with cuspid tongues lollop for legendary goddesses.”
― Laura Gentile, Seraphic Addiction
“No me queda más remedio que ser paciente, deshacer los nudos y volver a conectar cada hilo. Recomponer la situación. ¿Por dónde empiezo? No encuentro el punto de partida. Estoy anclado al pie de un alto muro. La pared que me rodea es resbaladiza como la superficie de un espejo. No hay nada a lo que echar mano. Nada a lo que agarrarse. Estoy perdido”
― Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance
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“Quizá tampoco pueda decirse que soy un tipo corriente, pero raro no soy. Soy una persona extremadamente cabal, a mi manera. Muy directa. Directa como una flecha. Soy yo mismo de un modo sumamente natural e inevitable. Dado que es un hecho evidente, no me importa demasiado lo que los demás piensen de mí. La manera en que los demás me ven no me atañe. Más bien, eso es algo que sólo les atañe a ellos”
― Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance
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“There was some rhythm, some ecstasy in this dance of flight that expressed the fact that happiness which touches depths and rises beyond physical confines is as old as consciousness, yet ever renewed, and is like the glorying flight of the birds”
― Elyne Mitchell, On the Trail of the Silver Brumby
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“I suddenly felt the way Cinderella might have felt if she hadn’t had that convenient midnight curfew: my feet were hurting, my hair was slipping free from its pins, and my makeup was getting all smudged from sweat. I was unbelievably tired, undeniably depressed, and I just wanted charming.”
― J.M. Richards, Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning
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